Morning Shots | September 14, 2009

SD Department of Education to ask parents to get more involved w/children’s education. (I wonder if teaching them at home would be enough involvement?)

Big Stone II blowing in the wind after Otter Tail exit.

Iowa and Nebraska establishing reciprocity for . . . hunting licenses?


For the recently closed Constant Conservative poll which asked “What areas of public policy are most likely to become the focus of the 2010 South Dakota gubernatorial race?” we have the following:

  • 72% said “Taxes/Revenue”
  • 41% said “Employment/Jobs”
  • 23% said “Healthcare/Insurance
  • 18% said “Renewable Fuels/Energy
  • 0% said “Welfare/Medicaid,” “Wars/Foreign Policy” or “Brock/Lesner”

Note that a single user could select up to two answers (explaining why the numbers exceed 100%).

Going off this entirely unscientific poll, the state of South Dakota may well be looking at electing the best CEO this time around. We’ll have to wait and see.

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