Morning Shots | June 9, 2009

Who knew? James Bond hung out in Aberdeen.

Corn may not be knee high by the 4th of July this year.

Union leader in South Dakota wants . . . stronger unions.

Sturgis in danger of falling rocks.

Two South Dakota State trust funds are found untrustworthy.

42 years of fighting fires–with and without a truck.

Taxing us all to feed the fishes.

Getting more expensive to stay clean and comfortable in Sioux Falls.

Summer camp remains popular as a means of getting out of the house for extended periods.

Taking the mobile out of mobile phones in South Dakota.

3 thoughts on “Morning Shots | June 9, 2009

  1. Noelle,

    I’m guessing that it is much warmer where you are. We’re going to have a high of about 65 today (and have had several days recently where I don’t know that we even made that number).

  2. My husband will be green with envy at your temperatures. He prefers cooler summer weather. Mid day temperatures have been in the 90’s :(.

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