More Crying from Copenhagen

I suppose it’s all the rage these days for men to admit to crying over the planet. Here’s another chap who apparently can’t keep it together after determining that his country will be flooded if we can’t all just agree to stop breathing (or something like that):

The lead negotiator for the small island nation of Tuvalu, the bow-tie wearing Ian Fry, broke down as he begged delegates to take tough action.

“I woke up this morning crying, and that’s not easy for a grown man to admit,” Mr Fry said on Saturday, as his eyes welled with tears.

“The fate of my country rests in your hands,” he concluded, as the audience exploded with wild applause.

But the part-time PhD scholar at the Australian National University actually resides in Queanbeyan, NSW, where he’s not likely to be troubled by rising sea levels because the closest beach at Batemans Bay is a two-hour, 144km drive away. Asked whether he had ever lived in Tuvalu, his wife told The Australian last night she would “rather not comment”.

Via Power Line.

You know, there are a number of cultures where one may hire professional mourners–people to cry at funerals though they’ve no true emotional connection to the events at hand. I’m beginning to wonder if the crying coming out of Copenhagen is no more than paid performances by professional mourners with no other stake in the game than a paycheck and enough exposure to get the next emotionally fulfilling gig.