Lawful Humor

By way of Fastidious, we have the following from Custer County South Dakota and local law enforcement incident report write-ups:

“They should have packed lighter.”

Sunday, July 27

3:58 p.m.: Deputies checked on two hitch-hikers at a semi-popular Custer convenience store. The two were reportedly on their way to Sturgis for the Rally, bearing cardboard signs reading, “STURGIS PLEASE,” and “WE WON’T KILL YOU.” After some investigation, one of the vagabonds, a 21-year-old Florida man, was found to have a warrant from another state. This turned out to be a case of good and bad good news for him. The good news? The other state did not want to extradite him. The bad news was that deputies subsequently found a small quantity of hashish and more than half a pound of marijuana on his person and in his backpack. The unlucky hitch-hiker was arrested and charged appropriately. It is likely he will still be in South Dakota long after the Rally is over.

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