Killing Me Softly With Paint?

On first look, I think this is a remarkable idea (and more than an idea, an up-and-coming product). Here is the start of the Reuters article:

Someday soon, the paint on your wall may be able to kill disease-causing bacteria, as well as mold, fungi, viruses, and other harmful organisms.

Scientists at the University of South Dakota have invented a new germ-killing molecule that can be added to commercial brands of paint to give the paint long-lasting antimicrobial properties.

On second look, I wonder if anyone has considered possible unintended consequences–such as whether ingesting said paint may be remarkably harmful to some of my friendly resident microbes, and to what extent might this lead to more resistant strains of invisible uglies (and no, the article does not address these particular issues).

Do undertand that I’m not simply knocking it without trying it. However, more and more, I find myself considering things from the standpoint of “should we do it?” and not simply “are we able to do it?”