It’s Not the TEXTing

More laws are needed. Well, so we are told by those whose jobs are defined by . . . hold on . . . passing more laws. Here’s a representative from New York on the need to protect us all from texting while en passage:

As a member of Congress, I work to pass comprehensive, common-sense legislation that will benefit average Americans. With the same fervor I had when I was first sworn in to office in 1997, I seek common ground on issues that I believe will make our country stronger and safer each and every day. I had always known of the dangers of distracted driving, and it should come as no surprise to the American public that when drivers are preoccupied with tasks that take their eyes off the road and hands off the wheel, it most certainly creates unsafe and potentially fatal scenarios on the roadways.

Read the whole thing and consider whether the “common-sense legislation” she espouses has any basis in the US Constitution, whether one should identify any special interest group such as “average Americans” as the beneficiaries of such laws, and why of all the things that cause drivers to be “preoccupied with tasks that take their eyes off the road and hands off the wheel” this one should be singled out for special treatment as a malefactor.