It’s Not about the Cost of Health Care

The good professor who is funding his own Legal Insurrection is spot on:

There is one supreme Democratic idiocy in the health care debate which has not received enough attention. The entire focus of the Democratic proposals — whether HR3200, the Senate HELP Committee bill, the Baucus Concepts, or the Obama non-plan — is to increase the cost of private health insurance.

Of course, this increase is not the public focus because this whole “reform” is about decreasing the cost, right?

[P]rice competition through consumer choice should be encouraged, not eliminated. To eliminate such insurance completely, and to refuse to consider alternatives such as national insurance markets which lower private coverage costs, shows that something else is at play.

When will more people understand that it is not about the cost? It has always been about the power. Today’s vote by the panel in the Senate seems to reflect that. As the professor notes elsewhere, the Baucus bill isn’t even something which can be properly quantified, yet it can be voted upon? If the issue were truly of facts and figures, then why do we need a vote on something which is not even factually figurable?

I suppose, given that the President is beyond partisanship, the Senate has finally found itself beyond language. In keeping with such beyondness, how long will it be before you and I are beyond feeling?