Illegal War Saves Planet

From an organization which should be just as happy if it never even existed:

How effective is family planning in reducing CO2 emissions? While acknowledging that more work needs to be done to supplement the recent report [Fewer Emitters, Lower Emissions, Less Cost] – in simple terms a ‘non-person’ cannot produce CO2 (nor can their non-descendants).

Now, let us juxtapose that with the following bit, from some experts on living and dying:

We estimate that between March 18, 2003, and June, 2006, an additional 654,965 (392,979–942,636) Iraqis have died above what would have been expected on the basis of the pre-invasion crude mortality rate as a consequence of the coalition invasion. Of these deaths, we estimate that 601,027 (426,369–793,663) were due to violence.

To follow up on the first piece, allow me to say that  “in simple terms, a person who has been killed cannot produce more than very limited amounts of CO2 (nor can their non-descendants).”

It seems apparent to me that all we need to do to save the planet is to start a few dozen more illegal wars. Where is George Bush when he is really needed?