Housing Numbers

houseI trust you have housing. I am quite grateful that I do–though I’m looking for something with a bit more room to get away from the urchins spread out in. The most recent numbers are in for housing prices, with some interesting differences among regions. The Providence Business News lays out the data:

During the 12-month period ending Feb. 28, the price of a house in New England fell 25.5 percent, the highest drop of any U.S. Census region.

[. . .]

Housing prices fell in all census regions but the West North Central – North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska and Kansas. That region’s prices rose by 2 percent in February.

Fancy that. One wonders whether this is due to our market lagging behind others (such as New England’s) or because, as some are thinking, the bubble didn’t grow too large in this area to begin with.