Horse Berries on The Ballot

From the list of things which one does not expect to find coming up for a vote: The disposition of a particular horse’s leavings in the town of Hot Springs. The following is taken from a brief piece written by Mayor Don De Vries:

I did not want to accept the petition, because the issue was settled in court, and accepting the petition could end up costing the city more in legal fees than the $800 we may have to pay Mr. Dahl, should the measure pass in June. This payment may not be able to be paid because of a state law regarding claims against the city. In addition, if the measure passes, the city would be required to either haul the same manure back to Mr. Dahl’s yard, or find the same quantity of similar manure and deliver it to his yard.

Please do read the entire article to get the full context (or as much as has been provided). If any of you know more of the history/background to this story, please enlighten us in the comments.