Honoring The Veterans via The Gridiron

I’m not a huge fan of sports in general, so I don’t have the level of engagement in these matters that a number of my friends do. Nonetheless, I was happy to see the following (and of course it doesn’t hurt that South Carolina is one of the participants):

Maryland and South Carolina will wear uniforms with camouflage designs during their games Nov. 14 to honor military veterans and promote the Wounded Warrior Project.

The black with tan camouflage uniforms, designed by Under Armour, will have a Wounded Warrior logo on them. Instead of players’ names, the backs of the jerseys will have words such as courage, loyalty, integrity and service.

“Ooooh,” South Carolina defensive tackle Ladi Ajiboye said Tuesday after seeing the camouflage cleats the Gamecocks will wear. “I could wear these the whole season.”

The Wounded Warrior Project acts as an advocate for injured service men and women in Washington and provides services and programs for them.

That’s a creative way to show support for our military. Kudos to whoever was instrumental in putting all of this together. I might just have to watch one of these games . . .