Hollywood Doesn’t Speak For Me

Roman Polanski is a rapist.  Through a plea bargain he was found guilty of a lesser crime.  In spite of this he escaped justice by fleeing the country before serving his time.  Now that he is in custody again he should do his time. Justice may have come late, but it hasn’t come too late.

A separate tragedy is occurring.  The tragedy is the large number of celebrities who are voicing their support of Polanski.  They excuse his criminal behavior because he is an artist.  He is one of them.  What kind of group thinks so much of themselves that they believe they are above the law?  One that is disconnected from reality.  These people don’t speak for America.  These people don’t speak for me.

Remember this sad turn of events the next time a Hollywood-type lectures you on how to live or how to think.  Do you really want to be like them?  Do they speak for you?