Herseth Sandlin on “Runaway Costs”

DuringĀ  a meeting in Brookings on Tuesday, our Representative said the following:

“One of the primary cases being made for health care reform is the fact that economic health for the country cannot be achieved if we don’t deal with runaway costs in health care, particularly some of our public programs.”

So, lets curtail those runaway costs in our public programs first, shall we? Then, when we’ve figured out how to do it there–without cutting essential health care services–we can use the same cost cutting principles elsewhere. Of course, she did use the third-person passive construct of “one of the primary cases being made” which lets her off the hook of actually saying she subscribes to that “case.” However, I believe the argument still stands.

4 thoughts on “Herseth Sandlin on “Runaway Costs”

  1. The real problem is that most of our representatives in Congress are central planners. They cannot see that programs built by the federal government (medicare 1964) are on the verge of drowning our nation in debt.

    You have to have courage to attack the core problem, our trade with China. Just like private insurance will not be able to compete with a public option in health care, our manufactures cannot compete against the communist government of China. You have to use the power in congress to place a 500% tariff on goods from that nation. This will allow our economy to catch its breath and see if we really can survive without that conerstone of the economy.

  2. Thad,

    I thank you for your thoughts. I must disagree on China, as such a tariff as you are proposing would do nothing but destroy an entire market (and much US capital) in the process.

    Like it or not, we are in a global market these days. Trade protectionism usually provides short term gains with long term pains. One only has to look at current tariffs on things like sugar and soybeans to see the drawbacks of those have been.

  3. China is not a trading partner, they are a predator nation. They flood every market they get their hands on and take nothing back with them. They flood the EU. Canada, Mexico, and the US. China has violated almost every trade law that is on the books. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is married to the idea some day that market will open and there will be 1.4 billion new customers.

    If our federal officials do not want to protect our industries, they need to make America the number one place in the world to invest. This includes a 0% capital gains tax and a low income tax.

  4. Thad,

    If China has violated every law in the book, one fails to see how placing more trade laws will change anything.

    Indeed, let us make this the place to invest. We’ll not do it with tariffs, however. Reducing/eliminating capital gains taxes and income taxes will go far to help.

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