Herseth Sandlin Dodges The Question

From an Argus Leader emceed Q&A session with South Dakota’s lone representative that just wrapped up an hour ago.

Herseth Sandlin question and answer on holding Congress to same health care coverage

It would seem that a fairly straightforward question did not get a straightforward answer. The question and answer repeat below in non-image format:

[Comment From Peter] @ 4:50
Rep. Herseth Sandlin, Congress has excluded themselves from the Healthcare reform that it is trying to impose on the country. Do you support including Congress in healthcare reform. Specifically, do you support the idea that members of Congress should live under the same laws that they impose on the citizens of United States?

Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin: @ 5:01  Peter, I’m all for treating members of Congress like everyone else in the country. I think my co-sponsorship of the Wyden-Bennett bill proves that.   The current proposals being debated set up an exchange intended first and foremost for people who currently can’t afford coverage but don’t quality for Medicaid, for people currently buying insurance in the individual market and paying extremely high premiums and for small businesses who currently can’t afford health care coverage for their employees.   If you currently have the option of getting employed-sponsored coverage, you cannot buy a plan on the exchange until after a certain period of years.

I do not believe it to be a stretch to say that since she would not answer the question as asked, her answer comes down to “No.” (Update: This is my own perspective on the matter. Someone who tends to support her would probably find a “Yes” in that first sentence. The issue for me is that she would not simply say “Yes” or “No” and only then elaborate. Her avoidance gives her room to dance.)

One more aside. I was unaware of this Q&A until it was almost done. Does anyone know if it was widely announced via the Argus before it began?


I believe this is the bill Representative Herseth Sandlin refers to as Wyden-Bennett.

Andrew adds:

Herseth Sandlin has been frequently touting her support for an exchange: beware.  Whether it is called an exchange, a co-op, or a public option government participation in the purchase and allocation of healthcare will force private insurers out of the marketplace leaving us no choice but to pursue a government plan.

2 thoughts on “Herseth Sandlin Dodges The Question

  1. So what else is new? She never answers yes or no. She just spouts off a paragraph that is usually one sentence long and talks around any issue so can never be pinned down on anything, which is what she wants. She has Daschle-speak down to an art form. Don’t say anything in SD and vote however your dear leader wants in DC! Unless of course they can pass a bill without her vote and then she has permission to vote against the party line. No wonder she doesn’t want public meetings. She might misspeak and actually voice a stance on an issue that she would have to answer for in any future campaigns or back in DC. And the voters are the losers. Hope you are happy with how you are treating most of your voters, those not fortunate to be specifically invited to one of your “so-called public” and scripteed meetings.

  2. Lydia,

    It may well not be new, but it is something which needs to be brought up again and again until people see her for exactly who she is: someone who does not appear to have the interests of South Dakotans as her primary focus.

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