Health Care and Homeschooling

The Optimistic Conservative isn’t feeling very optimistic at present. Among other things, he considers how the law of unintended consequences (as it come into play with the health care legislation) might well affect the futures of those of us who have non-governmental approach to schooling our offspring:

The criminal penalty for not buying health insurance, however, will empower our federal government to hunt down the uninsured, in a way that it does not search for the unenrolled.  It will also mean that we will have to comply with whatever requirements federal agencies feel like attaching to the health insurance mandate.  Take this to the bank:  parents who homeschool their children will eventually be required to pay an extra premium for their health insurance.  So will parents who don’t put their children in state-run preschools.  All it will take is one “study,” regardless of how flawed or trumped up it may be, showing that kids who aren’t put in preschool at the age of 3 cost more in medical treatment.  (The children of single mothers in the projects probably do – but of course, homeschooled children in the suburbs don’t.)  The “science” behind such a study is likely to equal if not exceed the intellectual honesty of that underlying apocalyptic projections of anthropogenic global warming/climate change.

Go, read it all. It is  well-written piece which takes us from the theory and wars of conquest of the last century right up to present day America the Beautiful.

2 thoughts on “Health Care and Homeschooling

  1. Wow, now you just make up stuff to worry about. No such study exists. It’s much more likely that a study might come out showing that kids who are homeschooled have much better health and lower health expenses than kids sardined into daycares and public schools, and that kids in the public school system would end up with higher premiums. We are home-pre-schooling, and our daughter has hardly had a sniffle this year. We hear from the other parents who send their kids to daycare about all the lung and ear infections and gosh knows what else. The fears you try to foment here are not just groundless, they are counterfactual.

    1. Cory,

      I appreciate your reading this site, but it would be nice if you actually read it. Neither I nor the person who wrote the piece I quoted said that such a study existed. Both of us are concerned that it would be pretty simple for such a study to be created in the future.

      When we look at all the studies which have been done regarding global warming and how we are all causing it, it is not hard to see that studies often support the position desired–regardless of the facts. So we shouldn’t confuse studies with reality.

      I’m glad to hear that you are fulfilling your role as a parent and are ensuring that your own child is learning what she ought. However, your own experience is hardly sufficient data to support your premise. I am also homeschooling children and have found this year to be the worst of the last five with regards colds, flu, etc.

      As someone who was visited in my own youth by government officials who predicated their visit on a belief that my own homeschooling was causing me physical and emotional harm, I hardly think my response to this is out of order.

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