He Is Not God

From a paper in Denmark (one can only imagine that this was written expressly to generate traffic):

From the start, Obama’s critics have claimed that his supporters have idolised him as a saviour, thus attempting to dismantle the concrete hope that Obama has represented for most Americans.

The idea was naturally that the comparison between Jesus and Obama – which is something that the critics developed themselves – would be comical, blasphemous, or both.

If such a comparison were to be made, it would, of course, inevitably be to Obama’s advantage.

The article goes on to say that while the effects of Jesus’ life and teachings are impossible to quantify (and only benefited a handful of people), Obama is the proper miracle maker. Wow.

I am reminded of the the following:

On the appointed day Herod, wearing his royal robes, sat on his throne and delivered a public address to the people. They shouted, “This is the voice of a god, not of a man.” Immediately, because Herod did not give praise to God, an angel of the Lord struck him down, and he was eaten by worms and died.

Before anyone gets carried away, I am not claiming that Obama is Herod or even that he should be eaten by worms (or die in any fashion at all). I am reminded, however, that those who take to themselves the honor which belongs to another (or let expressions of worship toward themselves continue unchecked) are eventually called to account.

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  1. Your attempt at trying to spin your blasphemous story by your further blasphemous remarks towards the end of your tripe is beyond the pale.
    Had you made these blasphemous remarks toward Mohammad, (and I hope all Muslims will speak out against this) you might well be looking for a hiding place. But, as you well know, we love even our enemies.

  2. Unbelievable statement, but Obama himself believes this I’m sure. Little self-made tin gods though do have a way of eventually self-destructing.

  3. It’s easy to see this world moving another step closer to the Antichrist. This was all supposed to be happening in my great-great-great-grandchildren’s lifetimes, but I think we are far closer than I ever thought I’d live to see. It’s actually exciting to be living now and possibly seeing prophecy unfolding before our very eyes. Keep looking up!

  4. What a bunch of bull. There is no evidence Obama believes himself to be an incarnation of divinity: that’s what the radical opposition like to tell themselves. And Michael, seriously, if a few people say crazy things about me (e.g., “Cory is Jesus!”), and I really obliged to spend my time stating the absurdly obvious, that those people are crazy and that I am not Jesus? You are really reaching for a reason to criticize the President on this one. The Obama-Jesus conflation is an empty issue manufactured by conservatives with nothing concrete to offer to civic conversation.

    1. Thanks for engaging, once again. I did not say that Obama believes himself to be incarnation of divinity, but rather that he seems to accept worship without acknowledging that he is only human. Worship belongs to God. And yes, if you were a public figure with a worldwide following and people claimed that you were Jesus (or bigger than Jesus, as this article does) and you were aware of such adoration, I believe that it would be your responsibility to say something along the lines of “No, I’m not. Please people, get real.”

      1. Well, there’s the problem: I don’t think any serious people are saying he is Jesus. Note that even the article you cite ascribes such claims to critics and puts the claim in the subjunctive: “If such a claim were to be made.” Rage like that I hear from Jeffrey and Felicia is completely manufactured.

        Even if you can find me an example of someone making such an absurd claim, no one has an obligation to respond to every crackpot assertion. If one of my friends says the moon is made of green cheese and I don’t bother to refute such a patently absurd claim, I am not endorsing that claim, and I should not be called to task for not wasting my time with such an absurd claim.

        1. I did not even address the issue of people (serious or not) who claim he is Jesus. I said that he “seems to accept worship.”

          For you to state that someone else’s emotion is false(that is “manufactured”) is know their motivations. Or to assume that you do.

          I never stated that one is to respond to every crackpot claim. Once again you are addressing an argument that I’m not making.

          For the record, however, the parallels drawn between Obama and Jesus have been many (and have been made by his friends and supporters). He’s been compared to Jesus (’cause Jesus was a Community Organizer) both on the Senate floor and elsewhere. He’s been called the “lightworker” (which is another way of saying powerful spiritual person).

          1. I am addressing exactly the claim you are making. “seems to accept worship” — exactly. The only evidence you even vaguely offer is that Obama hasn’t made some explicit statement saying, “Don’t worship me as if I were Jesus.” I contend he doesn’t take such comparisons seriously… at least no more seriously than anyone who tries to live according to Jesus’s teachings.

            You seem to be claiming that Obama does indeed need to hold a press conference or issue a press release or something in response to every person who might make an analogy — historicla, divine, or otherwise — between him and Jesus and declare said analogy inaccurate, improper, or whatever. I’m claiming that’s a silly thing to ask… and a waste of the President’s time as he deals with real problems, not the bogus problems that some of your more over-the-top commenters have manufactured so they can fulminate instead of cogitate.

          2. Where is the humility in the President’s words and actions which would support his not “seem[ing] to accept worship?” If he really believed that he was unworthy of the Nobel Prize, for instance, why did he accept it?

            Where has he said, in public response to over-the-top, personal adulation, something along the lines of “People, that’s not me.”

            C’mon, he talked about his nomination being something that would be considered in retrospect as “the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.” That was not even his election–just the nomination. I believe that such statements on his part encourage people to elevate him to a place of worship.

  5. well…i for one will not EVER in my life say anything along the lines of Obama being anything even NEAR the term of GOD, Savior, or anything along thjose lines. he is a president. who has hardly done anything to come close to being a god, especially anything near JESUS CHRIST! Jesus is something no one can compare to. And someone should tell me how he relates to jesus in any way….is he healing blind? lame? deaf? not just by looking at them. so he might give them a break with welfare. well i recieve medicaid myself and i will tell you right now he is no god. completely rediculous.

  6. [I’m down here, since it looks like we maxed out the comment reply depth!]

    …and Reagan spoke of his reign as “Morning in America,” as if one man could make the sun rise. (What fun to play with campaign rhetoric!)

    Nobel: I didn’t think that was the issue (those pesky Norskies don’t think he’s Jesus, do they?), but I’ll bite. His first response in October was to say he was “surprised and deeply humbled” (there’s the magic word, right?). He said the award was not praise for him but “an affirmation of American leadership.” In Oslo, he expressed similar humility (there’s that word again!) and downplayed his own achievements as “slight.” And then, instead of declining the prize and slinking from the stage, he took advantage of the moment to offer a stirring defense of the just war theory, an affirmation that evil exists, and a not so subtle justification of America’s exceptional global role (“The United States of America has helped underwrite global security for more than six decades with the blood of our citizens and the strength of our arms”). I would think you would revel in the opportunity to make such a speech in front of those Euro-peaceniks.

    Sorry, getting long. Just let me agree with Felicia: President Barack Hussein Obama is no god. He is a practical politician, trying to do the hardest job in the world. He doesn’t have time for fools liberal or conservative spouting nonsense about his godhood or alleged aspirations thereto.

    1. I’m down here, too.

      Reagan had a reign? Man, I must have missed that one. Joking aside, yes campaign rhetoric can get carried away–but certain people are carried away with it. I no more support any who would lift Reagan up for worship than any who would lift up Obama for the same.

      Regarding the Nobel: Again I will say that if he were truly humble, he would have turned it down–seeing that he did nothing to warrant the award but talk a good game. Uriah Heep talked about being humble all the time–reality was another matter.

      You may think that Obama is a practical politician–I find him far from practical. Our disagreement on this point should come as no surprise. I’ve not alleged that he has “aspirations” to godhood; I’ve said that he lacks humility and his behavior seems to encourage inappropriate worship on the part of his fellow humans. Once again, you are talking about something I’m not talking about.

      I do believe that I’ll be writing a post in which I lay out the reasons why we should not lift up any person (regardless of how much they may be liked by liberals or conservatives) to positions of worship. Thank you for pushing on this topic.

      1. Always glad to push. You have indeed avoided saying that Obama himself aspires to godhood (because, fortunately, you are sane), but you are attempting to tar him with the foolishness of others. Obama is not taking to himself the honor that belongs to another, and he has no obligation to muddle about with meatheads telling them to stop saying utter nonsense. If some people worship Obama or Reagan too much, that’s their problem, and your beef should remain strictly with the worshippers, not the worshipped. I look forward to your next post on the topic, and hope it will focus rightly on the excesses of some dreamy-eyed followers (and do be specific on who actually thinks Obama is Jesus and what harm that nuttiness does).

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