Not Great Expectations

The economy is shaky and taxpayers are frightened.  What’s the best way to calm everyone down?  Raise taxes.

Wait.  What?

That’s how Senator Johnson’s and Representative Herseth Sandlin’s attitudes can be described.  With Johnson’s support of Cap and Trade (now estimated to add 15% to the taxpayer’s burden – not to mention the pass-through costs that will follow), and Herseth Sandlin’s support of Sen. Baucus’ version of Obamacare (to be paid for with new taxes and fines) the premise is self-evident.

Raising taxes and growing government should be the final option in the best of times, but it goes doubly so in difficult times like these.

Don’t expect a fast economic recovery with either of these productivity sapping behemoths looming over the American people.  The road to recovery must be cleared of government interference and undue costs.  Dropping support for cap and trade and Obamacare would be easy barriers to level.