Going Full Nelson, Nebraska Style

Earlier, I wrote that Senator Nelson of Nebraska had caved and was willing now to vote for the health care bill. Here’s more information, letting us see just how principled the good senator was:

In its quixotic attempt to ensure everyone has health insurance, the Reid legislation greatly expands Medicaid eligibility. Because Medicaid is a program whose costs are split between the federal and state governments, this expansion in eligibility raise costs dramatically for states. States will be forced to either raise taxes or cut other services to accommodate the forced increase in Medicaid spending.

Unless that state is Nebraska.


Under this language the federal government will forever cover the costs of Medicaid expansion in Nebraska. Taxpayers in every other state will forever be responsible for the expanded Medicaid program in Nebraska.

[emphasis added]

Go and read it all. I am deeply grieved that one man thinks so little of the freedom of the citizens of the other 49 states that he is willing to sell his vote in such an obvious fashion. Some may say “well, good for Nebraska. Isn’t a Senator supposed to represent his state”?  The answer is no, he is supposed to represent the people of the state. In my opinion, he’s not done that today.