From This Side of the Looking Glass

A former liberal adroitly addresses the question “what happened to men” by letting us see inside her head:

Being a lifelong liberal, I’d never heard anybody like Savage in my life.
But what shocked me the most was his saying that men have become “feminized.”  I’d never been so offended.  “Well, what’s wrong with men being more feminine?”  I shouted back at my radio.  “Is there something wrong with femininity?”   Men being way more in touch with their yin and less with their yang sounded good to me.

Thankfully she didn’t stop there.

Liberals: be honest with yourselves. In the end, if the worst case scenario happens (God forbid) and we are attacked, who will you run to? Will you scream out for the Green Czar?

No; all of us, liberals and leftists, conservatives and feminists, we will go where we have always gone from the beginning of time; we will search desperately for the big, strong men to protect us, the ones who have always had the guts, the courage, and yes the cojones, to put their lives and limbs on the line.

The question is: by then, how many will be left?