Friendly Fire in Phoenix Home

The only thing worse than making a mistake is making the mistake of covering it up. When our legal authorities do this, we not only lose faith in them as individuals, but we lose faith in the very system of governance. While we do not yet know if that was the case in this situation, the evidence tends strongly in that direction:

Phoenix Police officers already in the neighborhood heard the crash of the Arambulas’ window. When they approached the house, Lesley says, she told Sgt. Sean Coutts that her husband was inside holding the intruder at gunpoint. Lesley says Coutts failed to pass on that information to the two other officers.

Inside the house, the Arambulas say, Officer Brian Lilly shot Anthony six times in the back while he was still on the phone with the 911 operator – twice when he was on the ground.

The officers ran into the bedroom after Anthony told them, “You just killed … you just killed the homeowner. The bad guy is in there.”

The phone line to 911 remained open for the duration and some rather damning evidence is included in the tape. Go read the whole piece and consider how little had to go wrong for apparently grave wrongs to be done.