Fishing for Truth

One of these days, I’ll get around to writing a Palin post which lays out my thoughts on the governor in some detail. However, I just ran across this, and found it quite informative:

Palin has stayed out of the public eye since she made the announcement Friday, but said in a Twitter update Sunday she was looking forward to joining her family as they commercially fish in Bristol Bay. But to many Alaskans, Palin has been off the job for awhile already, acting as a disengaged presence around the state Capitol since she returned from the presidential campaign trail last year.

“She had a surprising amount of disinterest in state government after November,” said state Rep. Les Gara, D-Anchorage. “This state has a lot of problems, and she showed a complete lack of interest in solving them.”

In case you didn’t catch, it the person referenced as Les Gara in paragraph 2 is apparently also “many Alaskans” in paragraph 1 (since we’ve quotes from no one else supporting that particular sentiment). Oh, and the title of the article is “Alaska observers say Palin had gone fishin’ on job.”

So, we have one lawmaker from the opposition party (Les Gara) and this fellow:

Juneau economist and longtime Alaska political watcher Gregg Erickson

Of course, the article leaves out that Gregg is a journalist who just wrote an article entitled “Candidate Palin has character problem.” Nothing wrong with having him opine, but please, let everyone know that he is a reporter who writes things like the following:

When it comes to letting the public know what her government is doing, Sarah Palin is either a cynical hypocrite or delusional. Either way, it reveals something important about her character.

A remarkably disinterested chap to go to for several paragraphs of information about Sarah Palin, wouldn’t you say?

So let me recommend a new title for the article which triggered this whole thing. How about we say “Alaskans who didn’t like Palin before she announced she was stepping down still do not like her”? Unlike the current title, it would be accurate.