Eminent Domain Abuse is . . . Well, Abuse

Do you remember Kelo? The case in Connecticut where a number of private home owners were forced to give up their property so someone else could use it for better purposes (and generate much greater tax revenues for the state)?

Darleen at Protein Wisdom remembers:


Pfizer abandons site of infamous Kelo eminent domain taking

The private homes that New London, Conn., took away from Suzette Kelo and her neighbors have been torn down. Their former site is a wasteland of fields of weeds, a monument to the power of eminent domain.

But now Pfizer, the drug company whose neighboring research facility had been the original cause of the homes’ seizure, has just announced that it is closing up shop in New London.

Oops. Nevermind.

You say that this is just one case, I’m sure we could turn up others. Bottom line is that government taking of private property for the purpose of increasing tax revenues is absolutely wrong and indefensible to a free people.

2 thoughts on “Eminent Domain Abuse is . . . Well, Abuse

  1. Kelo V. New London was an abomination, a Supreme Court mistake worse than Bush v. Gore. Citizens lost their homes, a neighborhood was destroyed, and no public good was served. I agree 100%: eminent domain should never be used to transfer ownership from one private party to another, especially not on the flimsy promises of the receiving party to generate greater tax revenues. The price of ownership should be nothing more my ability to pay my taxes, not my ability to generate even more tax wealth than some other guy with a wild plan.

    1. Thanks. I’d go further to say that the price of ownership should not even rest on the ability to pay property taxes, but that’s a discussion for another day.

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