Election Changes Thinking on Health Care Bill for Herseth Sandlin?

The Blue Dogs, of which Representative Herseth Sandlin is a voting member, would do well to consider their futures. It seems as though our representative is aware of that:

As for Tuesday’s results, “For people who have been undecided it either keeps them undecided or moves them to no,” said Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, D-S.D., who has yet to disclose her position on the measure. “The analysis of what happened with independent voters is one where we have to step back and say what can we do to regain their support,” she said.

She has, however, disclosed her position on the matter. She’s been on both sides so far.

There are others who lack even Herseth Sandlin’s approach:

Far from chastened by off-year election setbacks, congressional Democrats vowed no let-up in the drive to pass controversial health care Wednesday, arguing that the way to regain voter trust was to complete what they started in more prosperous political times.

How about we regain the trust of our wives by cheating on them, like we did in more prosperous personal times, before they understood just what was going on and how many times we lied to them? It makes just as much sense, doesn’t it?