Democrats Living the Full-Auto Life

“The Democrats are proposing bad legislation at such a fevered pace that it is impossible to keep up with it all.” So says John of PowerLine–and he could not be more on target.

One of the approaches which can be used in military conflicts is to engage one’s enemy on so many different fronts that the enemy is simply overwhelmed with information and the corresponding need to make decisions and act upon all that information. This works better as a tactic than a strategy because it tends to break down over time (that is, one cannot keep up the pace), but can be used to completely change the nature of the conflict.

It would seem that loading up on everything from card check to health care reform to shield laws falls under the “do not let a crisis go to waste” approach to governance to which the President’s administration seems to subscribe. However, I think we are approaching the point (if we’ve not already overtaken it) where the crises which are being addressed are of this administration’s making and, as such, are increasingly difficult to blame on the previous administration with a straight face.

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