Danes Know Cost of Wind Energy

The Danes who Stayed Home (hmm, sounds like a good name for a novel) have been working with wind energy for a while. The following video is a brief (2 minute) overview of what they have learned, from Martin Aagerup:

Via The Foundry @ Heritage.

Did you notice that he says the GDP was lower because of the introduction of the windmills, since it moved people from higher-paying jobs into lower-paying jobs? That alone should make countries question the rush to wind-power as the energy source of the future. Wealth destruction is unhealthy for any nation which wishes to continue to exist as a unique political and cultural entity. Wealth destruction in the name of saving us all is doubling down on insanity.

The study which is referenced by the gentleman in the above video may be found at “The true condition of wind energy and the hidden costs” as a PDF.

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