Czar Crazy?

It would appear that the President is indeed creating jobs–just not in the private sector. From Betsy Newmark comes the latest:

We’re up over 20 czars. Next week we’ll get one to deal with cbyer security. At some point isn’t Congress going to get jealous of its prerogatives and insist that the Senate should have the ability to confirm major appointments to the Executive Branch. They should want the same level of oversight over these appointments that they have over those administrators who go through the normal confirmation process. After all, why should he need someone outside of HHS to deal with domestic violence? Why can’t Homeland Security deal with cybersecurity? And if there is no budget or power for these individuals, are they anything more than just public relations gimmicks? And if they do have power will there be clashes among the heads of the various departments as they clash with czars who have overlapping jurisdictions.

While the expression is itself most certainly not PC, “too many chiefs and not enough Indians” comes to mind. I think the principle behind this is very simple. The President wishes to exercise greater control over the government via the Executive Branch than anyone else has been able to do since Teddy Roosevelt’s cousin.