Concealed Carry and States

South Dakota’s Senator Thune has proposed a law which would make inter-state vacation travel easier for concealed carry holders:

“South Dakota is one of many states with reasonable measures in place allowing citizens to protect themselves with concealed weapons,” the South Dakota Republican said in an e-mailed statement. “Law-abiding South Dakotans should be able to exercise the right to bear arms in states with similar regulations on concealed firearms. My legislation enables citizens to protect themselves while respecting individual state firearms laws.”

As it now stands, this has been offered as an amendment on a defense spending bill (which has no connection whatsoever outside of the word “defense”).

While, on the surface, this approach might seem to run afoul of federalism, I do not think it does as such a move would support both a historical understanding of the Second Amendment and a future, seemingly probable, incorporation of the same against the states.