Climate Data Keeps Snowballing

Earlier, I looked at the the work done by Willis Eschenbach on the topic of the Darwin temperature station in Australia, where he was able to demonstrate very clearly that major adjustments were made to the base data without good reason.

Now, more able folks are looking at temperature data here–there–and everywhere. Here is a brief analysis of what appears to be a single temperature station in Antarctica which was used to record the temperature for the whole thing. Then, here is the same material which has been peer reviewed in public (as it were) and the obvious fudging of the numbers made even more apparent.

The CRU, in the interests of greater transparency, is removing more data from its web site so no one will be able to draw any¬† incorrect conclusions from the experts’ approach to statistical data analysis.

The Daily Mail has a fairly in-depth piece which speaks to, among other things, how the tree ring data was simply dropped from the graphs when it didn’t conform to the acceptable global warming story line. Here’s the graph, in all of its damning clarity.


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