Bloomberg’s 40

Mayor Bloomberg and his fellow mayors have compiled a list. Sebastian from PA has it. It is a blueprint of the changes which Bloomberg and cohort would like to see implemented to further restrict gun ownership in these United States.

The article and linked list are well worth reading if you are at all concerned with government’s overreach on the issue gun ownership, but I found the following comment which the author wrote in support of his own article most telling:

I mean, what if Tiger Woods tried to argue as a celebrities need a lot more women and sex than we ordinary people, who can easily satisfy ourselves with one woman. Because we don’t have as much opportunity, you know. And what if he said this while simultaneously leading Golfers Against Adultery. Not hypocrisy? If it is, then how is that different than Bloomberg?

He’s right. The mayor, among many others who would rather the rest of us were unarmed, is regularly protected by armed bodyguards and/or policemen. Rather reminds me of the incident several years ago with regard to Ted Kennedy’s well armed bodyguard.

See, here’s the thing. I am not as upset over the desire on the part of Bloomberg, Kennedy, et al to tell me how I ought to live my life as I am that they do so while knowing full well that they do not have live by the same rules which they would impose upon me.

Equality under the law is one of the things which encouraged millions of immigrants to this country over the last two centuries. Two types of justice–one for the wealthy and the powerful and another for the weak and the poor–is very common in other parts of the world, even today. This schizophrenic Justice was known only too well in Europe at the time of the French Revolution.

It is past time that the politicians (indeed, and the bureaucrats who do their bidding) are required to live under the same laws as those of us who are not getting Uncle Sam’s the taxpayer’s dime.