Another Day Older…And Deeper in Debt

In an earlier post entitled, “Stop Digging.“, I offered some unsolicited advice to our elected leaders.  I urged them to reverse course on their spending plans in order to prevent a looming fiscal disaster for our government.

Veronique de Rugy (H/T Instapundit) shows us what the future holds for our national deficit:

Based on Congressional Budget Office (CBO) data, the following chart shows a projection of deficit numbers for each year until fiscal 2018. Each color represents the difference between the projected deficits at different points in time. The purple bars represent the deficit numbers as they were projected back in September 2008; the black and red bars represent the difference between the projected deficits at other points in time. The black bars represent the growth in the projected deficit numbers between September 2008 and January 2009. The red bars represent the difference between the January 2009 projections and the new deficit numbers as projected in August 2009. Finally, the orange bars represent the actual deficit numbers during President Clinton’s last year in office (fiscal 2001) and President Bush’s two terms.

Chart 9.24.09

Be sure to read Miss de Rugy’s analysis of the data.  We will face massive deficits leading to dire fiscal consequences if this unrestrained spending doesn’t reverse itself.  Sadly, it doesn’t seem that Obama and the Democrats in charge understand this or if they even care.

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