An Immodest Proposal

It is often easier to complain than to address the underlying problem. Though thinking people have much to complain about with regards to the proposed health care legislation, Token Conservative recognizes the drawbacks of over-complaining and has the following thoughts on how the United States health care system could be substantially improved (summarized here into a bullet list):

  1. Remove the barriers which prevent insurance companies from selling health insurance across state lines.
  2. Remove tax breaks for employer-provided health insurance plans.
  3. Allow insurance companies to create plans without forcing them to include “required” coverages for xyz disease/disorder.
  4. Limit damages which might arise from medical malpractice (that is, institute tort reform).
  5. Provide options for the least able, such as vouchers, which would allow them to get needed treatment.

Professor Knipprath goes on:

I actually agree with those who say that health care is a right, but likely not in the way the supporters of Obamacare see it. Health care is a right in the sense that you have the right to decide your health care to preserve your life and well-being as you deem appropriate. Therefore, any interference by government with your autonomy and choices (such as the de jure or de facto imposition of single-payer health insurance) is an interference with that right and a threat to your life, health, and liberty.

Now, that is true pro-choice health care thinking.

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