A Tale of Two Anniversaries

Eight years ago today, I was driving to work when I heard the news on the radio that a plane had hit one of the World Trade Center towers. My coworkers and I got very little work done that day. It was as though we were standing in the wings of a stage, watching a play go horribly wrong–yet it was not a play and we were not able to do anything but listen and hope and pray.

Others, like me and you, cannot forget all that changed that day:

Barack Obama tries to re-frame the remembrance.

Andrew Klavan understands the power of 911 and ideas.

Ralph Peters is angry that we’ve learned so little.

I did say that this was a tale of two anniversaries, didn’t I? The other anniversary is small by comparison and relatively unimportant. This site is 1-year old today. In some regards, it almost seems disrespectful to celebrate a happy occasion (at least, I believe it to be so) on a day of solemn remembrance. As a result, we’ll have the official celebration and gift-giving this coming Monday.

When I began this site a year ago, it was no accident that the very first post was published on September 11. I wanted to do something constructive, something worthwhile to remember the day. Launching a site where I (and others) are contributing to the discussion of those things which make us uniquely Americans was a way of honoring the day. As this first anniversary approached, I though perhaps we would reach 1000 posts. Then, it became apparent that we wouldn’t get that far. Yesterday, I realized that something else was going to happen.

This post marks the 911th post published on the Constant Conservative. I hadn’t planned it that way (until yesterday) but that makes it all the sweeter, doesn’t it?

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  1. Congratulations on your one year anniversary CC. You do a good job discussing matters that everyone as a citizen should be obligated to part take. I believe that Awareness and Actions are key, in an free democracy.

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