A Scathing Indictment

That is what Victor Davis Hanson lays on President Obama and the failed policies of the executive branch.

Oil is climbing back over $80 a barrel; the dollar is falling against the Euro to 1.50. The annual deficit is already over $1.6 trillion and may go well over that. The tab for health care will hit right under $1 trillion. Unemployment may be headed over 10%. The people who voted for Obama were mad over Bush’s bailouts, unemployment, deficits, and supposed divisiveness. And?

They got greater bailouts, higher unemployment, larger deficits, and Chicago politics.

But, Professor Hanson is just getting started.  Go feel the burn for yourself.

VDH shows us that instead of providing the leadership our country needs, President Obama has chosen to spend his time trying to stomp out those who dare question his authority.  As Instapundit, Glenn Reynolds, likes to sarcastically say, “the county’s in the very best of hands”.