49 Links and Racism

To those of you who do what I’m doing now (throwing an electronic message into a bottle from the shore of my island) you understand how much work can go into an article of 500 words. And, if one goes so far as to add in a half-dozen links to back up one’s arguments, add some more time to the tally.

So it is that I stand (with definite respect) in the shadow of Mrs. Scalia’s examination of racism and related charges which are being thrown around by everyone from Jimmy Carter to Maureen Dowd. By my count, the author included 49 separate links to source material. I do not know how long it took her to write the article, but going off the links that I have followed, she’s been doing her homework.

If you have about an hour or so, go read the article (including every linked piece) and consider just how remarkable it is that someone who does not work for the NY Times, Washington Post, CNN, etc has the ability to do work of this quality. Hmmph, next thing you know a couple of college kids will think they are investigative reporters or something.