SNL Bailout

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October 7, 2008

Writers Claim They Were Misled into Telling Truth

Enlightened MonkeyThe October 4 showing of Saturday Night Live may well be the last, if current management of NBC follow through with their apparent course of action. Apparently, the skits (particularly the one showing George Soros and others in a less than positive light regarding the subprime mortgage meltdown) were not approved by the show’s producers, according to a source (who must remain off in the record in the hopes of salvaging a campaign for the US Senate in Minnesota).

The following excerpt from a leaked internal memo underscores the seriousness of this situation:

“While the balanced buffoonery of the George Bush character was in keeping with our policy to selectively skewer those with whom we most vehemently disagree, the unnecessary hammering on George Soros, peace be unto him, and Herbert and Marion Sandler, peace and blessings be upon them also, is beyond the bounds of decency and simple good sense. Do you have any idea how much money these people and their friends have given to dubious political causes which we support? Do you?

Further, while we are uncertain that punishing the responsible parties is in the best interest of the children (’cause we are not sure that it is wise to punish anyone for just about anything), we are certain that their behavior was at the very least, tinged with racial overtones (or undertones, or some kind of tones — anybody hear this ringing in my ears?)”

At any rate, Al Franken (an SNL alumnus), currently running for a US Senate seat from Minnesota, is said to be in talks with Garrison Keillor of Prairie Home Companion about picking up the writers and performers who may be out of a job as a result of the staff shuffle which is apparently underway at NBC. While Keillor was unavailable for comment, others who have worked with him in the past think it likely that he will employ at least some of the displaced staff, as long as they are willing to sign the Lake Woebegone Compact and attend Lutheran services on Christmas and Easter for the duration of their contracts.

Note: The preceding has been brought to you under the US Constitution’s First Amendment as elucidated in New Times Inc. d/b/a Dallas Observer, et al. v. Bruce Isaacks and Darlene Whitten.


After writing the above article, I found out that NBC was “editing” the skit to ensure that it met their “standards.” Wow. I guess I should have just waited a bit and the article might have written itself.

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