A very long time ago (as my children would put it) a fellow by the name of Woody Guthrie made a song rather popular. The song was “This Land is Your Land” and started with the following stanza:

This land is your land This land is my land
From California to the New York island;
From the red wood forest to the Gulf Stream waters
This land was made for you and me.

While the song provided greater support for socialism than the private ownership of property, it struck a patriotic chord with many people who never got past the simple, catchy melody and the first couple of stanzas.

Whatever else people may think of this country, the concept that it is ours, physically ours, is one which has not yet completely gone away. Nor should it. Despite the legalities of the recent Bundy matter, it served to bring up the question once more of why the US federal government owns so much land. In this particular case, it has been pointed out that the federal government owns 84% of Nevada. To say that this is a controlling interest does not overstate the facts.

If we do indeed have a government of, by and for the people, why has the government become a thing unto itself, rather than a honest reflection of the people who are to constitute it? Why does it hold so much land, supposedly in the public trust, yet not trust the public (that would be you and me) to use the land?

Next time, we’ll look at the numbers–and not just for the United States.

I’ve not written on the matter of cattle, the BLM, and the Bundys because I was not quite sure what to make of things — other than that it seemed rather heavy handed of the BLM. John Hinderaker takes it from there.

Bottom line? In this post rule-of-law era in which we find ourselves, certain behaviors are desirable to the Obama administration and its backers. Raising cattle is not one of them.


P&R does a much better exposition of the matter than do I.

The numbers for ObamaCare are out. And, they don’t lie. Lots of people have done something on a website. Even people who apparently didn’t know how to internet. And some of them have done something not on a website. Yes, they have called other people on the telephone. Word is that some of these telephone calls were made without visible wires being attached to the phones.

No word, however, on how many of the people saved by ObamaCare were the same ones who were thrown overboard when their previous plans were sunk by the passage of the aforementioned bill.

Quick. Without looking at the links, please identify the presidents who said/promote the following:

“We will guarantee everyone has a plasma television.”

Everyone should get a minimum wage of at least $10.10.

One of them is the socialist leader of a country which increasingly relies on force to ensure that its citizens comply with the latest rules and regulations handed down from the President’s office. The other one is too.