No, not that season, the “put the meat in the freezer” season. Apologies for non-existent posting. Evenings and other times have been given over to processing the annual harvest of venison for future consumption.

On that note, here’s an article I ran across on dry-aging beef. It’s an interesting explanation of why I don’t run across such meat more frequently (I can’t afford it).

I’ve played around a bit with aging venison, but I tend to find that it’s best to process it as soon as possible — at least in my case, where I don’t have access to freezer/cooler where I can hang it at a nice even 35-37 degrees F.

Last weekend the deer were coming in at ambient temperature, which was over 60 degrees F. That meat started to break down rather quickly. This weekend, the ambient temperature has dropped 40 degrees, ensuring that the meat will not break down so quickly. At the same time, cutting frozen meat is a bit more dangerous for the cutter. :)

Regardless of the weather, the result is well worth the effort.

To the three of you who still pop over from time to time, I think I have good news. The “Open” sign has been placed in the shop window once again. Medical issues through the first part of this year, followed by a lot of re-evaluation of where things stood with self, family, friends, work, etc. have kept me rather preoccupied.

I’ve not entirely determined what approach I’ll take to reinvigorating this space (shorter regular posts, longer weekly posts, chain of consciousness writing, or something altogether different and avant garde) but I’m relatively rested and refreshed and ready to give it a spin.

And no, my recent and frequent experiences with this country’s health care system have not let me to radically rethink my understanding of markets and how incentives cause people to make good (and bad) decisions. If anything, I am more convinced that the healthcare industry would greatly benefit from government’s removing its heavy hand from the scales of supply and demand. But that sounds like a post for another day.

As a regular voice of my childhood would declaim each week-day: “Stand by for news!”

Yes, I’ve been remiss in covering matters political for the last few months, including a relatively tame session of the South Dakota legislature. My apologies to those of you who wondered if I’d fallen off the face of the web. I would have liked to continue writing, but became preoccupied with a serious personal issue, one which made matters of policy and law take a seat all the way at the back of the bus.

I had not felt well for some time last fall but was unable to pinpoint the source. Then, not too long after my most recent post, I went in for some medical checkups. The result? A diagnosis of Stage 3 rectal cancer. A second opinion from the folks in Rochester, MN confirmed the original diagnosis. As a result, my world shrunk to a very small point while I and my wife attempted to get wrap our heads around all that this could mean for me and the family.

In the tumultuous months since that diagnosis, I have completed a course of chemoradiation and am now in a recovery period which will end with probable surgery. The care and prayers of friends and family have been essential in staying the course. I have known others who have dealt with similar medical issues, but it’s something else altogether to experience it oneself. I truly do not know how those without the caring support of others are able to make it through.

I’m feeling better today than I have since last fall, but life is also far busier than before. Many decisions remain to be made, with much time and effort to be expended in researching those decisions. Meanwhile, as I have time and inclination, I will attempt to revisit this space and add my thoughts to the big and important questions of the day.

And no, you may not have a picture of me wearing that dress, no matter what color you think it might be.

Bill Whittle brings his clear thinking and clear speaking to the topic of the FEC (Federal Election Commission) leader who knows far better than the rest of us what can and cannot be said about the dear government.

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